A Brief Look at the History of Private Detectives

Private detectives are hired by individuals or groups to find out information that otherwise might be difficult or seemingly impossible to find. As long as people have existed, there have been private detectives in one form or another as spouses wanted to know if their lover was cheating on them. With regards to the profession’s… Read more »

Things Your Kids Should Know About Strangers

As private investigators in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it’s our job to learn everything we can about specific people. The information we gather is a force for good, often leading directly to justice being served. Not everyone has these skills and resources necessary to learn about strangers. Of course, that’s why we need to be a little… Read more »

Do Private Investigators Need A License?

When people hear about a situation involving a private investigator, they often conjure up images of a rogue detective working under the cover of darkness, playing loose with the rules in a case where the ends justify the means. While there are certainly exciting aspects of the job, the field of private investigation is actually… Read more »

How Private Investigators differ from Police Officers

Private investigators and police officers differ in several ways. Police officers can obtain warrants, arrest suspects and enforce laws, whereas private investigators do not have those privileges. Considered “ordinary citizens,” private investigators are not public employees. Instead, they typically work for investigation service companies, insurance companies, lawyers, or governments. A private investigator’s typical purpose is… Read more »

Why You Should Be Monitoring The Online Activity of Your Children

It’s easy to think of your home computer as a babysitter. It keeps your children occupied and close by, and depending on how they spend their time, it can actually be a valuable educational tool. It is also a portal into the outside world, for better or worse. While it gives your child access to… Read more »

How To Prevent Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare (A Missing Child)

No matter who you are or where you live, someday in your lifetime you will encounter a frantic parent yelling their child’s name. It could be in a crowded shopping mall, a grocery store, a park or a train station– whenever kids are in public, there’s always a chance that they could go missing. It’s… Read more »

How to Move on From a Cheating Spouse

When you said, “I do,” and were happily married, you never expected to be faced with the possibility that your spouse cheated on you. Yet this happens all too often these days. In case you suspect your spouse has been cheating on you, you’ll have to think strategically. If he or she is playing games… Read more »

How a Private Investigator can Help Divorce Attorneys

When you and your spouse want a divorce, and a court battle ensues, it can be an incredibly stressful time in both of your lives. Hiring a divorce attorney is the typical route to go, but you should also consider hiring a private investigator. You want to prove to the court that your spouse has… Read more »

Avoid Making a Business Mistake with the Help of a Private Investigator

Too many business partnerships have been ruined when one partner finds out the other hasn’t told the truth. How do you know if people you work with are truthful? It can be a challenge to really, truly know what another person is thinking and doing when they’re not in your presence. For instance, say you’re… Read more »

What is Skip Tracing?

When someone doesn’t want to be found, they tend to “skip town,” meaning they leave the area where they’re usually found hanging out. If you’re looking for someone whom you can’t seem to find, you might need to hire Specialty Private Investigators to do “skip tracing.” A skip tracer’s job is to collect as much… Read more »