Private Detective Services in Pittsburgh PAPARTNERSHIP

Is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania too far to travel for a case? Well, consider calling us to work the case for you! We cover all of Pennsylvania and often work with other companies to bridge the gap where the excessive miles take you away from your profits. Use our formatted report, or send a template of your own. SPI will make every attempt to make you feel as if you are working the case yourself!


Law offices require efficient expedition of process servers. When the recipient is less than cooperative, pre-texting, stationary surveillance and fervent dedication are all utilized to complete our assignment. Many legal firms in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area, as well as all over the country use us to deliver or pick up their court documents. Additionally, services such as witness locates, skip tracing or accident statements can be provided when requested.


Reports estimate that fraud costs more than $80 billion annually in the US, with property and casualty fraud costs likely exceeding $30 billion. Statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) showed a 19 percent increase in questionable claims from 2009 to 2011. With the decline of our nation’s economy, accident, worker’s comp, and personal loss claims are an easy out for some people. SPI can help your company fight against those who try to take advantage of you and your company’s profits.

Many private detective services can be utilized to obtain evidence. When applicable, neighbors and local law enforcement officers, as well as related social groups, may provide information that will aid the investigation. If a claimant is believed to be a member of an online social group or organization, leads may be obtained from internet membership rosters listed online as well as from the public postings on many social network membership sites.


Insurance companies and attorneys often require statements from their witnesses and claimants. When distance prevents them from obtaining these on their own, they call SPI. Our investigators travel to the case and record the answers you need. Photographs and assessments of the area are also provided when requested.

If you have any questions about our private detective services please feel free to contact us today!