examples of cyberstalking

One morning you are woken by multiple text messages – each worse than the one before. You quickly open your social media account and are shocked at the things you see about you. Photos that have been manipulated, statements made out of context, even bold faced lies. Someone has been trolling you for weeks and… Read more »


Something is off. You can’t put your finger on it but you feel it in your gut that something is different. They aren’t acting normal, their routine patterns have suddenly changed.  Should you be concerned about their abrupt change in behavior? AskReddit offers many suggestions provided by their readers; https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/12z02i5/what_are_the_first_signs_your_partner_is_cheating/. However even after seeing all… Read more »

What Makes an Exceptional Private Investigator?

There are certain traits people look for when deciding who they’re willing to work with to accomplish a task or goal. Obviously, they don’t want someone who comes across as vain, lazy or stupid. While those characters may make for great TV shows, in the real world they’re not helpful. When you’re looking for an… Read more »

When Should Lawyers Contact a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators are used for many things other than to determine whether a spouse is cheating on their husband or wife. In fact, private investigators are often called upon for help from attorneys. When should lawyers utilize the work of private investigators such as Specialty Private Investigators of Pittsburgh? Lawyers often ask private investigators for… Read more »

How to Avoid a False Accusation of Cheating

In the history of the world, wars have been started over allegations of cheating lovers. If not wars, in modern times there sure are plenty of people who end up getting into disputes over even the idea that their loved one or spouse might be cheating on them. Many exes have horror stories they’d rather… Read more »

How an Experienced Private Investigator Can Help You Win Your Civil Case

Specialty Private Investigators can help people involved in a civil case. Typically, people involved in a civil case work with an attorney who represents them legally. However, having a private investigator involved, too, can help produce better legal results. Why hire a private investigator to get involved in your civil case? Investigators are great at… Read more »

Things to Ask a Private Investigator Before Hiring Him or Her

These days it’s hard to know who you can trust. It’s no wonder, then, that many people are forced to turn to a private investigator to get to the truth about someone or something. Hiring a private investigator is kind of like choosing someone to date, in the sense that you want to feel comfortable… Read more »

Things to Ask When Selecting a Roommate

You need to be quite selective when choosing a roommate, because they’re going to help determine how you feel every day for quite some time. Some roommates end up being helpful, kind, and enjoyable to deal with, while others turn out to be “nightmares come true.” You don’t need any nightmares. When selecting a roommate,… Read more »

Ways Attorneys Can Use Private Detectives

Attorneys often use private detectives for various reasons. Specialty Private Investigators, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania detective agency, has had many attorneys as clients over the years. Utilizing an array of resources and a systematic approach to provide attorneys with comprehensive and objective reports, Specialty Private Investigators has been able to fulfill attorneys’ needs in several ways…. Read more »

How to Recover from the Ordeal of a Cheating Spouse

There are countless songs that can help empower you when you’re feeling hurt after finding out your spouse cheated on you. Here is a list of some examples. Now for some practical tips… finding out your spouse has cheated on you is devastating news, so it’s a good idea to ask other people you know… Read more »