Ways Attorneys Can Use Private Detectives

Attorneys often use private detectives for various reasons. Specialty Private Investigators, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania detective agency, has had many attorneys as clients over the years. Utilizing an array of resources and a systematic approach to provide attorneys with comprehensive and objective reports, Specialty Private Investigators has been able to fulfill attorneys’ needs in several ways.

Attorneys often want to locate people, such as witnesses or heirs. Private detectives are great at locating people. Furthermore, private detectives are often asked to locate assets such as real estate, artwork and vehicles.

Detectives help attorneys identify current assets in order to help enforce judgments. They can also bring key sources to the table as leverage for negotiations during litigations and investigations.

Serving as objective allies, detectives aid attorneys by “connecting the dots.” When quality information is gathered, that information can be used to help predict the opponent’s future moves. In addition, a detective pays much attention to detail, and in their report, some of that information can help an attorney prep for cross examination in the courtroom.

Today, with the use of smartphones and social media, detectives are increasingly on call for collecting and reviewing electronic files. Did someone purposely delete files? Can they be recovered? Detectives can be involved in the recovery of deleted files, as well as analyzing emails and texts.

Attorneys often employ the services of detectives in order to find and utilize documents, facts and witnesses in order to build and/or reconstruct a case.

When insurance companies and attorneys require statements from their witnesses and claimants and distance prevents them from obtaining these on their own, Specialty Private Investigators can travel to the case and record what they need. Photographs and assessments of the area can also be done as requested.

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