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Ways Attorneys Can Use Private Detectives

Attorneys often use private detectives for various reasons. Specialty Private Investigators, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania detective agency, has had many attorneys as clients over the years. Utilizing an array of resources and a systematic approach to provide attorneys with comprehensive and objective reports, Specialty Private Investigators has been able to fulfill attorneys’ needs in several ways…. Read more »

Why Criminal Background Checks Will Give You the Full Story

Who can you trust these days? Specialty Private Investigators can investigate someone’s past for you and do a criminal background check. You wouldn’t want to hire a child molester as a babysitter, just like you wouldn’t want to hire an alcoholic to drive a truck for your business. Indeed, there are many “you wouldn’t want… Read more »

A Private Investigator Can Be an Attorney’s Best Friend

Specialty Private Investigators of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has helped lawyers obtain the information they seek through their investigative services. Professional private investigators serve many purposes in helping attorneys to argue their case effectively. Perhaps best known for locating people and assets, private investigators use a thorough and systematic approach to finding key people, such as witnesses… Read more »