Why Criminal Background Checks Will Give You the Full Story

Who can you trust these days? Specialty Private Investigators can investigate someone’s past for you and do a criminal background check.

You wouldn’t want to hire a child molester as a babysitter, just like you wouldn’t want to hire an alcoholic to drive a truck for your business. Indeed, there are many “you wouldn’t want to” statements that could be made regarding positions requiring high security or positions of trust.

Professional background checks are conducted to find out information like past employment verification, gaps in employment history, credit history, and criminal history. They’re a way to judge a person by their past– have they made serious mistakes in their life? What is their character like? Would being around them be a threat to you or others? These are important questions to consider, and a criminal background check is the way to find out information a person may try to conceal.

Many employers hire professionals like Specialty Private Investigators to perform criminal background checks. If a person wants to work in a school, hospital, airport, nursing home, or other public place, they should be checked to make sure they don’t have a problematic history.

A background check can also deal with identity and address verification– are they who they say they are? No one wants to be lied to, and sometimes it takes an objective third party to delve deep beneath the surface to uncover the truth.

While criminal background checks are typically associated with businesses and organizations hiring new workers, they can also be used with regard to love relationships. Is that man or woman so-and-so is planning to marry really who they say they are? Are they “squeaky clean” or are they hiding some major “red flags” from their past? Better to know the truth than not, right?

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