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What Makes an Exceptional Private Investigator?

There are certain traits people look for when deciding who they’re willing to work with to accomplish a task or goal. Obviously, they don’t want someone who comes across as vain, lazy or stupid. While those characters may make for great TV shows, in the real world they’re not helpful. When you’re looking for an… Read more »

When Are Credit Checks Useful?

Credit checks involve someone looking to see what types of credit you use, how long your accounts have been open, and whether or not you’ve paid your bills on time. Credit checks lead to a person’s credit report which is a compilation of information about the way a person handles debt. A credit report contains… Read more »

Tips for Finding the Right Roommate

Multitudes of people are forced to essentially live paycheck to paycheck by the time they pay their rent or mortgage, car payments, communication bills, energy bills and other expenses we consider “necessities” in 2015. One of the most common ways for people to reduce their expenses and feel like they’re finally “getting ahead” financially is… Read more »

Why Criminal Background Checks Will Give You the Full Story

Who can you trust these days? Specialty Private Investigators can investigate someone’s past for you and do a criminal background check. You wouldn’t want to hire a child molester as a babysitter, just like you wouldn’t want to hire an alcoholic to drive a truck for your business. Indeed, there are many “you wouldn’t want… Read more »

Why You Should Be Monitoring The Online Activity of Your Children

It’s easy to think of your home computer as a babysitter. It keeps your children occupied and close by, and depending on how they spend their time, it can actually be a valuable educational tool. It is also a portal into the outside world, for better or worse. While it gives your child access to… Read more »