A Private Investigator Can Be an Attorney’s Best Friend

Specialty Private Investigators of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has helped lawyers obtain the information they seek through their investigative services.

Professional private investigators serve many purposes in helping attorneys to argue their case effectively. Perhaps best known for locating people and assets, private investigators use a thorough and systematic approach to finding key people, such as witnesses or heirs, as well as key assets including real estate, vehicles, and unique items like artwork or collectibles.

Attorneys looking for a favorable settlement can utilize the services of private investigators to leverage for negotiations. Investigators can bring together key sources and intelligence with regards to litigation or other adversarial situations. They can also identify who’s who at faceless corporations and/or inform attorneys about undisclosed connections between certain people.

Attorneys often find that private investigators are valuable allies, helping them predict their opponent’s next move. Investigators can learn about the opponent’s history and pattern of behaviors to help predict how they react under pressure. This information comes in handy during litigation strategizing, cross-examination, or at the deal table.

Investigators also aid attorneys with reports about witnesses’ backgrounds, behavioral tendencies and weaknesses.

Information is power. The more information an attorney has, the better.

Specialty Private Investigators works in both the private and commercial sectors, and has two decades of experience in getting the job done right. Call 412-650-8550 if you’re an attorney who could use their investigative services.

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