When Should Lawyers Contact a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators are used for many things other than to determine whether a spouse is cheating on their husband or wife. In fact, private investigators are often called upon for help from attorneys.
When should lawyers utilize the work of private investigators such as Specialty Private Investigators of Pittsburgh?

Lawyers often ask private investigators for help locating people who don’t want to be located. Lawyers need to build their case, and they typically want to interview certain people involved. When they’re looking for witnesses or they want to serve someone with papers or whatever, private investigators are typically called because the law firm cannot seem to reach the people they want to reach on their own. Therefore, some “outside help” is needed.

Besides finding people, private investigators are also used by lawyers to locate assets such as jewelry, cars or real estate. Basically, lawyers need evidence, proof and information, and investigators are the ones to go get these things and bring them back to the lawyer’s office for use in a case. For instance, if there are electronic files that need to be recovered, who is a lawyer going to call? Most likely their first call is to a private investigator who will find and peruse a subject’s files, texts, documents and/or emails.

Other reasons lawyers enlist the services of private investigators include leverage for negotiations, enforcing judgments, and reconstructing history. Lawyers also hope the private investigator’s findings can help predict their opponent’s next move. Indeed, reports from the investigator aid a lawyer when they’re preparing for cross examination during the course of litigation.

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