How an Experienced Private Investigator Can Help You Win Your Civil Case

Specialty Private Investigators can help people involved in a civil case. Typically, people involved in a civil case work with an attorney who represents them legally. However, having a private investigator involved, too, can help produce better legal results.

Why hire a private investigator to get involved in your civil case? Investigators are great at gathering information and evidence– the kind that can lead to winning your case. They do data searches, for instance, looking into things like tax liens, bankruptcies, and criminal records. In our increasingly digital, computerized world, they also do many social network searches and deal with finding information via people’s cell phones.

What are some examples where an investigator has helped civil cases before?

How about the time when an investigator did an asset search to determine that a spouse in question truly did have assets that could support his children, even though he said he did not?

Then there’s the time when an investigator worked on a case to catch a cheating husband, complete with surveillance video showing him kissing another woman who wasn’t his wife even though he claimed they were “just friends?” Private investigators are often involved in marital infidelity cases.

With regards to personal injury cases, an investigator turned out to be a big help when he uncovered evidence that got a victim compensation for her medical bills. Also, an investigator aided a case involving workers compensation fraud, gathering evidence that showed a worker was fit for work and shouldn’t have been receiving benefits.

If you or someone you know is involved in a civil case and could benefit from the help of an investigator gathering key information, please call Specialty Private Investigators (SPI) at 412-650-8550. SPI has been helping people since 1995. The Pittsburgh-based agency utilizes a smart array of resources and a systematic approach in order to provide clients with the information they need and deserve for their cases.