How a Private Investigator can Help Divorce Attorneys

When you and your spouse want a divorce, and a court battle ensues, it can be an incredibly stressful time in both of your lives. Hiring a divorce attorney is the typical route to go, but you should also consider hiring a private investigator.

You want to prove to the court that your spouse has done some sort of behavior that is grounds for divorce, so a private investigator can obtain photographs and videos to help you make your case before the judge. A private investigator can also help with gathering eyewitnesses who can testify on your behalf.

Private investigators can do the dirty work of finding out who your spouse has been spending time with when you’re not around. Who are they associating with? Are they involved in an adulterous affair? Are they addicted to drugs or selling them? Do they abuse the kids when you’re not around? Private investigators have covert ways to find out key information that’s germane to the case.

In addition, a private investigator can look for hidden properties and other assets, as well as computer records such as emails and browsing histories in order to further your case.

Finally, a private investigator can go before the judge and testify regarding the information he or she found out, complete with paperwork and/or photos/videos to prove the veracity of his or her findings.

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