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What Makes an Exceptional Private Investigator?

There are certain traits people look for when deciding who they’re willing to work with to accomplish a task or goal. Obviously, they don’t want someone who comes across as vain, lazy or stupid. While those characters may make for great TV shows, in the real world they’re not helpful.

When you’re looking for an exceptional private investigator, what kind of person should they be? Ideally, you want them to find out key information or locate certain people on your behalf. Their line of work is a bit unique, and it takes a certain kind of person to excel in the role of private eye.

First, and foremost, you want to feel beyond a doubt that you can trust the private investigator you choose to work with. Do they mean what they say? Do they do what they say they’ll do? Can they be trusted to keep things confidential as required? Would other people describe them as people of integrity and/or trustworthy? If so, they’re most likely exceptional at their job(s). Remember, loose lips sink ships– you want someone who knows when to say things in front of certain people and when not to!

Next, persistence is a key trait for private eyes. It’s the kind of job where “try, try again” is the norm. Very rarely does a private investigator locate a person or get all the needed info on their first try. Being a private eye is like putting together a puzzle. It takes a while to finish the work. You wouldn’t want someone who just says, “Well, I give up!” No– you want someone who says, “I will keep working until the job is done and you are satisfied.”

Is passion a trait? Yes. You’d rather work with a private eye who is passionate about his or her line of work than someone who is not.

Also, creativity is a must because sleuthing involves looking for clues and evidence. If one approach doesn’t work, then another one needs to be tried…and then try others until the goal gets accomplished. Unconventional, creative thinkers make exceptional private investigators.

Finally, never underestimate the power of friendliness. It’s a great trait to have for life, and it works especially well when private investigators want to connect with others without being too obvious. A friendly private investigator isn’t seen as a threat, so people will open up to him or her– spilling the beans!

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When Should Lawyers Contact a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators are used for many things other than to determine whether a spouse is cheating on their husband or wife. In fact, private investigators are often called upon for help from attorneys.

When should lawyers utilize the work of private investigators such as Specialty Private Investigators of Pittsburgh?

Lawyers often ask private investigators for help locating people who don’t want to be located. Lawyers need to build their case, and they typically want to interview certain people involved. When they’re looking for witnesses or they want to serve someone with papers or whatever, private investigators are typically called because the law firm cannot seem to reach the people they want to reach on their own. Therefore, some “outside help” is needed.

Besides finding people, private investigators are also used by lawyers to locate assets such as jewelry, cars or real estate. Basically, lawyers need evidence, proof and information, and investigators are the ones to go get these things and bring them back to the lawyer’s office for use in a case. For instance, if there are electronic files that need to be recovered, who is a lawyer going to call? Most likely their first call is to a private investigator who will find and peruse a subject’s files, texts, documents and/or emails.

Other reasons lawyers enlist the services of private investigators include leverage for negotiations, enforcing judgments, and reconstructing history. Lawyers also hope the private investigator’s findings can help predict their opponent’s next move. Indeed, reports from the investigator aid a lawyer when they’re preparing for cross examination during the course of litigation.

Since 1995, Specialty Private Investigators has worked with lawyers to get them the information they need and deserve for their cases. As a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based detective agency offering investigative services, Specialty P.I. can be reached via phone at 412-650-8550 or send an email to


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How to Avoid a False Accusation of Cheating

In the history of the world, wars have been started over allegations of cheating lovers. If not wars, in modern times there sure are plenty of people who end up getting into disputes over even the idea that their loved one or spouse might be cheating on them. Many exes have horror stories they’d rather not recall thanks to the accusation of cheating.

Cheating Spouse How can falsely accusing someone of cheating ruin a relationship you’re in? First of all, there’s the torment of wondering, “Is s/he or isn’t s/he being faithful to me?” That can eat away at your heart, for sure, causing all sorts of stress and mental anguish. Thoughts like that tend to consume people where they can’t even eat or sleep like normal, because they’re so intensely focused on wondering “what’s going on?!”

Next, if and when you do accuse someone of cheating, the whole issue of trust in the relationship comes up, and chances are the other person will deny it, even if they are cheating. After all, nobody wants to get caught cheating because of the bad consequences.

Even a false allegation of cheating can cause a strong relationship to break up, leaving one or both people devastated. There’s a real sense of loss when the one you thought loved you turns out to be loving someone else. People often say it’s not the actual cheating that bothers them the most as it is the lying to them about it– trying to hide the truth from the one they “so-called loved!”

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you’re being cheated on, before you go and accuse people, you should get some definitive proof. Therefore, consider hiring Specialty Private Investigators to do the necessary work to find out the truth. Hiring private investigators will give you access to things like pictures and/or text messages that can catch a loved one in their lie(s).

Call Specialty Private Investigators at 412-650-8550 today.

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How an Experienced Private Investigator Can Help You Win Your Civil Case

Specialty Private Investigators can help people involved in a civil case. Typically, people involved in a civil case work with an attorney who represents them legally. However, having a private investigator involved, too, can help produce better legal results.

Why hire a private investigator to get involved in your civil case? Investigators are great at gathering information and evidence– the kind that can lead to winning your case. They do data searches, for instance, looking into things like tax liens, bankruptcies, and criminal records. In our increasingly digital, computerized world, they also do many social network searches and deal with finding information via people’s cell phones.

Civil CasesWhat are some examples where an investigator has helped civil cases before?

How about the time when an investigator did an asset search to determine that a spouse in question truly did have assets that could support his children, even though he said he did not?

Then there’s the time when an investigator worked on a case to catch a cheating husband, complete with surveillance video showing him kissing another woman who wasn’t his wife even though he claimed they were “just friends?” Private investigators are often involved in marital infidelity cases.

With regards to personal injury cases, an investigator turned out to be a big help when he uncovered evidence that got a victim compensation for her medical bills. Also, an investigator aided a case involving workers compensation fraud, gathering evidence that showed a worker was fit for work and shouldn’t have been receiving benefits.

If you or someone you know is involved in a civil case and could benefit from the help of an investigator gathering key information, please call Specialty Private Investigators (SPI) at 412-650-8550. SPI has been helping people since 1995. The Pittsburgh-based agency utilizes a smart array of resources and a systematic approach in order to provide clients with the information they need and deserve for their cases.



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Things to Ask a Private Investigator Before Hiring Him or Her

Private Investigator These days it’s hard to know who you can trust. It’s no wonder, then, that many people are forced to turn to a private investigator to get to the truth about someone or something.

Hiring a private investigator is kind of like choosing someone to date, in the sense that you want to feel comfortable with him or her and, ideally, you want to develop a trustworthy relationship.

There are some questions you should ask a potential private investigator, to get a better understanding of who he/she is and how he/she can truly help you find out what you ultimately want to know.

First, you have a problem and you need to explain it to the private investigator. While doing so, ask if they’ve had any previous experience with similar cases. Ask them about their specialties. You want to be able to say to yourself “we’re both on the same page here.”

Next, ask how they conduct their surveillance. What kind of equipment do they use? Is what they do legal or not? What kind of evidence could they plan on delivering to you if their efforts are successful?

Private investigators are, by nature, detail-oriented. So, they should have plenty of questions for you, too. If they don’t show an interest in what you’re talking about, they may not be the right person to work with.

Finally, talk with a potential private investigator about strategies they’ll use to satisfy your needs. Make sure they’re clear with what you need them to find out, and take some time to discuss how you two will communicate in the weeks to come about the case. Of course, you should also ask about the prices they charge for their services, to know whether or not you can afford to work with them.

Are you looking for a private investigator? Contact Specialty PI today.



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Things to Ask When Selecting a Roommate

Selecting a Roommate You need to be quite selective when choosing a roommate, because they’re going to help determine how you feel every day for quite some time. Some roommates end up being helpful, kind, and enjoyable to deal with, while others turn out to be “nightmares come true.” You don’t need any nightmares.

When selecting a roommate, there are some basics to consider. For instance, does the person have interests or habits that don’t align with yours? If they’re a party person who listens to reggae and likes to booze and you’re a conservative person who likes soft rock and does not drink, they’re probably not the right fit for you.

Some questions to ask potential roommates include:

• Do you have any pets or plan on having any pets?
• Are you a financially responsible person and can you show proof of income?
• Are you a neat and organized person or are you messy?
• Do you plan on having any overnight guests?

How would we divide the chore list?

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find people whom you can trust won’t do you wrong in some way. People are a bit weird these days. You want to find a roommate who is a stable person since you’ll be living with them on a daily basis. You don’t want to be stuck paying their half of the rent each month, so it’s important to know they have money/income to pay rent on time and in full.

Consider hiring Specialty Private Investigators at 412-650-8550 to investigate the background of potential roommates. They can conduct surveillance to look for evidence of public alcohol or drug use, affiliation with criminals, violent behavior, etc. While this may sound a bit extreme, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should know as much information about a potential roommate as possible before you give them a key to the place, welcoming them into your life.


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Ways Attorneys Can Use Private Detectives

LawyersAttorneys often use private detectives for various reasons. Specialty Private Investigators, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania detective agency, has had many attorneys as clients over the years. Utilizing an array of resources and a systematic approach to provide attorneys with comprehensive and objective reports, Specialty Private Investigators has been able to fulfill attorneys’ needs in several ways.

Attorneys often want to locate people, such as witnesses or heirs. Private detectives are great at locating people. Furthermore, private detectives are often asked to locate assets such as real estate, artwork and vehicles.

Detectives help attorneys identify current assets in order to help enforce judgments. They can also bring key sources to the table as leverage for negotiations during litigations and investigations.

Serving as objective allies, detectives aid attorneys by “connecting the dots.” When quality information is gathered, that information can be used to help predict the opponent’s future moves. In addition, a detective pays much attention to detail, and in their report, some of that information can help an attorney prep for cross examination in the courtroom.

Today, with the use of smartphones and social media, detectives are increasingly on call for collecting and reviewing electronic files. Did someone purposely delete files? Can they be recovered? Detectives can be involved in the recovery of deleted files, as well as analyzing emails and texts.

Attorneys often employ the services of detectives in order to find and utilize documents, facts and witnesses in order to build and/or reconstruct a case.

When insurance companies and attorneys require statements from their witnesses and claimants and distance prevents them from obtaining these on their own, Specialty Private Investigators can travel to the case and record what they need. Photographs and assessments of the area can also be done as requested.

If you’re an attorney who could use the help of a private detective, please email or call 412-650-8550.

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How to Recover from the Ordeal of a Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse There are countless songs that can help empower you when you’re feeling hurt after finding out your spouse cheated on you. Here is a list of some examples.

Now for some practical tips… finding out your spouse has cheated on you is devastating news, so it’s a good idea to ask other people you know who’ve experienced something similar to tell you how they got through it.

The stories from people who have suffered from infidelity in their relationship are often quite similar. A common theme is a couple gets married, and everything seems fine until one day, their spouse’s stories  no longer add up. One day you assume you’ll be with your significant other forever, and the next you find yourself wondering “What did I do wrong? Why me? What now?”

So what should you do if you’re a victim of infidelity? Here is some advice:

First, it is smart to get a good lawyer. The lawyer will help you take care of the legal ramifications that come with dissolving a marriage.

Next, try your best to get proper rest.  It’s easy to become an emotional wreck after finding out you have a cheating spouse, and you might find yourself in a foggy daze, crying a lot, and potentially having sleeping problems. Do what you can to get in a routine, and make getting enough sleep a top priority.

In addition, you may want to set an appointment with a therapist. This is someone whom you can talk to about your fears, problems, issues, bitterness, sadness and anything else bothering you. A professional therapist will offer expert advice on how to overcome certain feelings you’re having, and he or she can help rid you of the pain you might be feeling.

Lastly, you might not want to make any major decisions during the first six months after the break-up. Keep in mind that you’ll be a little out of your mind during this time– you probably won’t be thinking clearly or rationally, so it’s not the right time to make major decisions like buying a home or taking a different job.

Is there hope after discovering you have a cheating spouse? Yes, there is. As the old adage goes “time heals all wounds.”

If you’re worried that your spouse is cheating on you and you want to find out the truth, contact Specialty Private Investigators today.

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What Should You Take Into Account When Hiring a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators Oftentimes, people hire a private investigator as a last resort. They’ve had their suspicions about another person, and want to get to the ultimate truth. But they can’t do it on their own, so they hire an objective third party to find out what’s really going on.

What should you take into account when hiring a private investigator? For starters, you should be able to summarize what you want to know in a couple of sentences. For instance, you could come up with something like, “I want to know if my spouse is cheating on me with so-and-so, and, if so, I want pictures or a video as evidence.” This sort of clear and concise goal is something you can then communicate to the investigator.

When talking with a potential investigator who will work on your behalf, ask about their credentials. How long have they been doing what they’re doing? Are there references you can check? Does your budget match the price(s) for their services? Have they done similar searches before? What is the overall time frame to expect for results? Are they licensed, bonded and/or insured?

Trusting your gut feeling is something to consider– do you feel like this person is someone you can work with? Will they have your best interests at heart?

Typically, there will be a written contract drawn up for you to look over. It should concern deadlines, fees, frequency of reports and estimated costs so you’re well informed. Basically, don’t be afraid to ask questions so that you and your private investigator understand each other well and don’t have any odd surprises down the line.

Finally, keep in mind that just because you hire a private investigator doesn’t mean the overall case is going to turn out the way you expect or hope it will. You’re still obligated to pay them for their time and efforts.

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Tips for Finding Distant Relatives

Finding a Relative How can you find out if you’re related to someone? Family history typically gets muddled as many people marry, divorce, and pass away over time, leaving vital information either hidden or, perhaps, non-existent. Yet there are ways to research who your relatives truly are. Thanks to the Internet, there are many online websites devoted to tracing your family history based on the family name. Meanwhile, you can literally ask around and see what other relatives remember about people who’ve since passed away.

Genealogists study family trees in order to figure out kinship among people. They collect family documents and stories– especially written or printed papers from the past detailing people, places and events. Oftentimes local libraries have helpful historical records you can use to read about possible relatives and put puzzle pieces together to get a clearer understanding of family relations.

These days, a person’s DNA can be analyzed in order to find out if they’re related to another person in question. Genealogy software can be used to look for information about births, marriages and deaths. Certain religions, such as the Latter Day Saints, keep excellent family history records.

Speaking of records, there are several to look at when trying to decide if you’re related to someone. Besides vital records about birth, marriage, divorce and death, try searching adoption records, census records, and biographies, such as “Who’s Who.” Religious records may keep track of people who were baptized, confirmed, bar or bat mitzvahed and/or simply a member of a particular church. This information can be helpful in establishing connections between people.

There are a lot more records to search than just the aforementioned ones. Land and property records, deeds, emigration/immigration/naturalization records, coroner’s reports and civil/criminal records can be consulted. Don’t forget personal letters, diaries and family Bibles. Looking through old newspapers and obituaries can help, too.

Other things to look for include medical and military records, as well as passports, old photographs, school yearbooks, ship passenger lists, and voter registration records.

Finally, tombstones, cemetery records and funeral home records may provide pieces of information to help you decide if you’re related to someone in question.

Most people have neither the time nor the expertise to research their family history. Specialty Private Investigators can, however, do the necessary legwork to help you uncover the truth. To employ SPI’s investigative services, please call 412-650-8550.


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