Tips for Finding a Relative You Haven’t Talked to in Years

Life is funny, isn’t it? At one moment in time, you know a person so well that you visit them in person regularly and can recite a long list of their likes and dislikes, and then, years later, you have no idea where they are or whatever happened to them. While this sort of thing happens with friends, often, it can be even more frustrating when it’s a family member you’ve lost touch with over the years.

In today’s society, people move around, a lot. One day they’re in Pittsburgh, the next in Miami…and then to Denver. It can be daunting just keeping track of new addresses. What gets especially tricky is when relatives don’t want to be found– so they don’t return your phone calls, emails or letters in the mail. What then?

One of the ways you might be able to locate a relative you haven’t talked to in years is via social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Doing a name search– or whatever other data you can enter– can sometimes yield great results. It often helps if you know some of their friends’ names, because then you can find them through a series of connections– if they’re not too private online. And if they are, indeed, “online.”

Other times, you might need to resort to old fashioned phone calls and face-to-face talks with people who know the relatives you’re looking for, as someone is bound to give you a decent lead. After all, it’s hard for family members to totally disappear from “everybody,” right?

If and when you’ve tried everything in your power to find a lost relative, consider hiring Specialty Private Investigators to search on your behalf, using public records and other things at their disposal to track down people– even the ones who don’t necessarily want to be found.