Tips for Finding a Friend or Relative You’ve Lost Touch With

Not too long ago, it was extremely difficult to track down people you lost touch with. Once you lost his or her mailing address or phone number, it was hard to get in contact with someone that was or still is important to you.

The internet has changed all that, and there are now many online tools that people can use to track down past acquaintances. However, it’s is still easier said than done, especially if someone is not part of social media. That said, let’s take a look at some of the tools people can use on their own to find a friend, relative or co-worker they lost contact with. has helped many people find others like old roommates or school friends whom they’ve since lost touch with, yet wondered about for a while. Indeed, if you want to see pictures of some of the people you went to high school with, having a Facebook account is like having a free ticket to an unending high school reunion.

Besides Facebook, online search engines such as help in tracking down people you’ve love touch with over the years. Type a person’s name into Google, and see the results instantly. If they have a unique name, it may be easier to find information about them in the search results. Oftentimes, however, you’re faced with endless links that are dead ends. And if the person has gotten married and changed their name, it’s even harder to find them online.

Here’s an old-fashioned method people often forget since the internet has taken over our lives: we can always ask people—in real life—if they know the whereabouts and/or contact information of someone we’ve lost touch with and want to find. Obviously, friends and family members would be able to give you some information, unless they themselves haven’t a clue.

However, if the tools accessible to you are not working, there is always a way to find someone you’re looking for, even if they don’t want to be found: you can enlist the help of a private investigator. They’re searchers who passionately work to find what they’re looking for, and they use various ways and means to achieve the goal you give them. Specialty Private Investigators of Pittsburgh, for instance, helps people find people. Call 412-650-8550 or email to get some help with your search today.