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Specialty Private Investigators has helped our clients obtain the information they seek through our investigative services, since 1995.  Utilizing a thorough and systematic approach, our business uses an array of resources to formulate an objective report for each client.

Our services can be beneficial for any type of legal case, business dilemma or personal issue with an uncertain truth.  Each report is court ready, ensuring your legal team will have a document that can lead to favorable results.  Reports from our professional team have aided clients in a variety of cases involving fraud, child custody and divorce trials.

When looking for a detective agency, it is important that the company is familiar to the Pennsylvania area and can personally discuss your expectations on a case.  We offer the personal touches that larger ‘Nationwide’ companies fall short on.   We regularly update our clients, keeping them a part of the investigation process.  We are always looking for unique and innovative ways to obtain activity on a case or utilize our vast investigative services to provide answers to the questions our clients may have.

Each of our professionals is here to fight for you as a member of your team.  Your specific needs are top priority, and we will make certain you feel comfortable and remain in the loop throughout our methodical process.

Whether you are looking for a detective agency in the Pittsburgh area or any other part of Pennsylvania, contact us to discuss your specific needs.  We will work diligently to get the most favorable of results, and find the answers you’ve been seeking.

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